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Florida Video Service, Bob Culbertson, Owner
Owner, Bob Culbertson, has been involved  with racing 
in some form or another for 55 years.  He has been in the video busines 25 of those years.

Having owned video equipment since the late 70's, a friend and fellow racer asked Bob to tape his races at Desoto Speedway.

He began taping the one class in which his friend drove. The friend paid his way into the Park, and bought new
video tape each week.

What began as a way for Bob to continue to enjoy a sport he loved, led to others asking for their races on tape, and others.  Soon he was taping the whole program each week.  Florida Video Service was born in 1983.

Bob has video taped three generations of racers from several families.  He says, "As a former racer, it is heart warming to see these family's grow year after year."

Bob says, "I am way too old to drive anymore, but I continue to enjoy the sport of Stock Car Racing."
After 23 years, Bob left Desoto Speedway at the end of the 2006 season,  and went to Charlotte County Motorsports Park in 2007.  He did promotional marketing for the 2007 season.  At season's end, they asked him to do video  for the track.  They shot the 2008 and the 2009 seasons.

He says, "CCMP was a great working environment.
The promoter, Bobby Diehl, is the most community conscious man I have seen in my 55+ years in this sport.  In the past three years, I have seen more community related events, fund raisers, memorials, and the honoring of members than in all the other years I have been involved with racing.  I was proud to be involved with CCMP and it's staff."

And now I am working Full Throttle Speedway in Bradenton, Florida.  Look for me there!

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